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Welcome to With love, Alys!
I'm Alys George, your average woman with a passion for working in Marketing and Communications by day and blogging by night. At 26 years old I can be found in Cardiff, where I moved to at the delightfully young age of 19. Throughout the last few years I developed my love for sharing new ideas, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion related posts through my travels and explorations. 

During my studies I focused primarily in Graphic Communication with side projects of photography, life drawing, art history and other creatives which only encouraged my passion for starting my blogging journey in 2015. 

Across my social media channels I can be found sending positive vibes and spreading kindness whilst taking you along with me on my day-to-day travels. 

Blogging has become so much more than just a hobby to pass the time, it's a passion of mine, which allows me to express myself with people I would never have had the opportunity to meet without this space, as well as allowing me to work alongside some incredible brands. 

With no fixed days of the week for when posts will be released in my little space, I have simply taken it upon myself to share when there is a story to tell. Fear not though, there is always something going on nearby, new ideas coming to mind and exciting things happening that new content will always be coming your way... 

You can read my disclaimer here.

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