Monday, 24 June 2019

Little Coffee Stops: Bigmoose

Welcome to our first post from our brand new blog series, Little Coffee Stops!

Over the past few months, myself and my friend Rachel, have been working behind the scenes to bring together the concept of Little Coffee Stops to life. We hope that by sharing our discoveries with other like-minded people, we can inspire everyone to try some independent coffee shops, in and around the Cardiff area that they may not have thought to visit before. 

Going around to coffee shops has always been our way of catching up and taking a break from our busy day-to-day lives. Last Autumn, we started receiving an influx of lovely comments on our outings from you all, encouraging us to keep posting our thoughts on our finds.

Little Coffee Stops is not just about the two of us sharing reviews, it is so much more.

We want to make Little Coffee Stops into a friendly community in the Cardiff area, where you can meet new people with no added pressures, take a break from the norm with a hot drink and a treat, as well as helping us review some new finds along the way.

It can be so easy to forget to stop, take a second for yourself and relax, that we want to encourage others to put themselves first, even for just a little while whilst having fun and relaxing in an environment where people understand its 'okay not to be okay.'

If you feel like this is something you would like to come along to, you can join us by sending an email to or DM us at With love Alys on Instagram. Dates for our next outing will be released on Instagram soon, so be sure to keep a look out.


During our short reviews we're going to be rating each coffee shop on the same elements each time to give you our honest opinions on if they're somewhere you would like to visit, as well as our reasons behind the scores. 

Our first location in our new series is Bigmoose. We particularly wanted to share this with you first, as it was the location where we were sat when the idea for the series originally came to light. 

Bigmoose has a special place in our hearts, as all of there profits are reinvested into good causes. The reasons behind the coffee shop opening will guarantee you falling just a little bit in love with them, so if you have a spare five, click here to read more.  

During our most recent visit, Rachel and I went for both sweet and savoury food, along with hot and cold drink options so that we could cater to all of your particular tastes. After a lot of 'yummy' consideration and two very full tummies, we finally sat down to compile our scores.

Atmosphere: 8.5/10
Lovely atmosphere, although it can get a little echoey when the music mixes with the chatter of people busy days. 

Staff: 10/10
Could not be more welcoming and happy to speak to you. The staff really do make the place and are the reason we continue to keep going back. 

Location: 9/10 
Easy to get to as it's a few steps from the main street, although we took one point off for the view when sat outside. Being in Wales though, we don't get a lot of sun though so this doesn't put us off in the slightest. 

Value for money: 10/10
The quality of food is great matched with their prices. No complaints! 

Points for improvement: 1
The only thing we particularly wanted to share for this, was that on days when you may be feeling anxious, the echo in the room can sometimes heighten how you're feeling. There has been one or two occasions where we have had to change to another cafe because its got a little much. Please do not let this put you off by thinking it is a loud place, because its absolutely fine, its just when its a little busier it can really bring out those particular emotions for us and we wanted you to know in-case this is also something you struggle with (:

Overall rating: 9.5/10 

Would definitely recommend!


If you would like to visit Bigmoose you can find them located at 4-5 Frederick St, Cardiff, CF10 2DB.

You can follow and find out more about them on: 

If you have a coffee shop that you would like us to visit and review as part of our Little Coffee Stops series, you can get in contact with us at or private message us on Instagram at WithloveAlys


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