Saturday, 12 January 2019

Am I still making a fashion statement?

Oh January, the month of new beginnings, new resolutions and changes to things all around us. The first thing that always has an immediate impact at the beginning of the New Year, is the moment you wander into stores and realise there is no festive music playing, decorations to be seen, or smiles in the air.  Instead, what I often find is people looking for sale items (myself included) due to either having spent too much at Christmas, or the fact that you love a good bargain and a rummage through the discounted section (which is definitely me.)

As the days go by though, there is one remaining element to the New Year which is a constant for me, and that is the baggy jumpers, hair in a bun, and glasses on at all times. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive a delivery in the post only a few days after Christmas, a parcel from the 'Glasses Shop.'

The  Glasses Shop is an American owned online retailer, providing high quality glasses without the high cost to woman, men and children all around the world. With so many options at the click of your finger tips, shopping online has become the new way of going about things and with so many different select styles to choose from, it was hard to make a decision on which to go for myself!

Years ago the huge fashion trend and new look was 'big framed' glasses, where even people who didn't wear glasses would find themselves purchasing ones without the lenses to stay on trend, and I myself, was no exception.

Now, as the years have gone by I've often thought to myself whether this life-changing trend is still fashionable to the world, or whether I've just become stuck in my ways and fallen too much in love with the big bold frame look. I'm not sure I will ever truly know the answer, as each person I walk past in the street, see online and speak to, all have their own unique styles and they embrace it.

So the answer to my question, yes, maybe? But, it's completely down to the individual's preference. The hype may be over, but the style remains and it's going to continue with me for many more years to come.

After being contacted by the Glasses Shop, these were some of the many thoughts which came to mind when trying to select a new pair of frames; do I go out of my comfort zone with a completely different style? or do I choose a pair I know I will love because they have been a part of who I am for SO LONG?  I, of course, went for the beloved 'big frames' as can been seen in the photographs, and I'm so glad I embraced my look this New Year instead of trying to change who I am.

There are many great styles to choose from on the Glasses Shop website, including the pair I chose called 'Pete Rectangle - Tortoise.' If you find a pair that you feel would be perfect for you, you can get 50% off your next order using the code 'GSHOT50.'

I would love to hear your thoughts on this style of glasses and what your own preference is!

With love, Alys

Shop the outfit:
Glasses: Glasses Shop
Top: H & M
Dress: Matalan 

*I was gifted these glasses by Glasses Shop. Photo by Leon Guest Photography.


  1. I personally think these glasses look really beautiful on you darling and your outfit is simply stunning! Great blog post! πŸŒΈπŸ’œ

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  2. Those are lovely glasses! When I found out I needed glasses about 6 years ago I didn't actually opt for the big frames which were "in fashion" at that point! But my prescription changed 2 years ago (quite dramatically haha!) and my new glasses are pretty big and they feel so much more me and also, much comfier!


  3. Ooooh I love those glasses! The design suits you so well! and I love the tortoise shell color! I have been obsessed with this color all winter! Edgy glasses do help make a statement!

  4. I was one of those teenagers who bought the big framed glasses despite not needing glasses. Cringing at my younger self right now. I still love big frames although adult Sophie has learnt that I don't really have the face shape to pull them off. The Glasses Shop sound amazing. It's great that they're trying to make them more affordable, they're so expensive! x


  5. I agree with you about new beginnings. Pretty cool that you got some cute glasses from the Glasses Shop! It is always nice to have some nice frames and being able to see well. I love that there are so many different types of glasses. I am a big fan of the cat-eyed glasses. Glad you had an enjoyable experience with them.

    Nancy ♥

  6. I personally find glasses so difficult to shop for, never working out what suits me. These glasses look fab on you, and I love your outfit too!

    Amy x

  7. These glasses are classic! I like them. I don't think you are stuck in your ways. It's like you said you have a everyone has unique style and honestly I think you are on right on trend. The funny thing about fashion is that certain pieces always come back around too. These are the kind of glasses that will always look good.

  8. Having worn glasses from the age of 13, I've never really worn them as a statement haha they've just always been part of what I have to wear, but I love those glasses on you!

    Jas xx |

  9. These glasses are stunning and your outfit is so cute!! They look amazing on you! It's great the glasses shop is trying to make glasses more affordable though, I don't need glasses but I've heard from friends about how expensive they can be!


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