Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Four day winter style guide

Amsterdam may have come and gone, but the next adventure is now only weeks away, so I can hold back the silent tears as I think about what the next few weeks will bring, whilst secretly wishing I was still there right now.  

Prior to the four days of travelling around the beautiful and intriguing city that is Amsterdam, there were many thoughts that came to mind on what I should wear that would suit all kinds of weather. Knowing I would be moving around lots, and being used to the unpredictable rain and wind, I wanted to be sure there was a happy medium or warm and airy clothing from going in and outdoors multiple times a day. 

Have you ever thought to yourself what your preferred style is, or how you dressed in a particular way without even realising it? Well during this process of shopping, I realised one thing - I love to wear dresses and skirts. Now this shouldn't come as a shock to me because even in school I wore a skirt every single day while everyone else was in trousers, and I even remember going in on dress down day when everyone gasped in shock because I was in a pair of jeans.

So without further ado, here are my four outfits and a little bit about how they worked during the adventures I went on in 'the dam.'

Day one

We hopped on an early morning flight from Cardiff Airport, to arrive in Amsterdam around lunchtime, which meant we had a good portion of the day to walk over to 'Hotel Blossom', located next door to the Heineken Brewery, which took around 30 minutes to walk. 

The dress I went for was a woolly grey jumper dress from F & F Clothing, which worked really well for travelling then going straight out for drinks and not needing to change once there. This was a necessity, as there was only three females (including myself) then the rest of my friends were all males, so I didn't want to have them hanging around while I faffed about!

As two of my friends turned 29 whilst in Amsterdam, we went along to the large Amsterdam letters for a photo, before spending the entire first day 'bar crawling' and taking everything in before heading back to the hotel to sleep off the alcohol. 

Day two

We all woke up feeling surprisingly energised considering the night before, and decided to head out for pancakes before going along to get our tickets for the canal cruise and Heineken Tour Experience. With this in mind I decided upon a denim skirt from New Look to wear, along with a slightly thinner jumper from Topshop, with a green wrap top underneath. This outfit worked really well, as during the cruise and tour I was able to walk around in just the wrap top with the jumper in my bag and not have to faff about getting too hot as it was incredible warm during both!

The canal cruise and Heineken Experience were the two highlights of my trip and I would highly recommend to anyone who is visiting soon. Overall it was a brilliant second day, with the day ending at a burger restaurant for food, before going to various locations for drinks; and then with it being another friends birthday, he decided he wanted to visit a 'special cafe.'

As our group of friends wandered off home feeling slightly less fresh than before, Leon and I, went along to get some churros and wander the streets which were all decorated in Christmas lights.

Day three

The day finally arrived when I was able to visit the Anne Frank museum, and this for me was the most amazing day of them all. It started off with everyone jumping on a tram and heading into the more central location of Amsterdam, where we had chips for breakfast, headed into a chocolate factory by chance and wandered over to the Red Light District to see what this well known area was all about. 

Once we had finished breakfast and a bit of exploring, we headed on over to the Anne Frank museum, then walked through the shops to 'Glow Golf'. This was recommend to me by another blogger and it was absolutely brilliant. Once finished, we walked back into the centre and grabbed another burger before arriving back near our hotel before the rain began. 

Now considering the time of year, we were pretty lucky to only have rain on this one evening.  We decided it would be best to stay dry, so just headed to an Irish Bar where the Welsh Rugby game was being shown, and relaxed with a game of pool. 

For today's outfit I went for a stripey dress from F and F Clothing and a high neck woolly jumper from Asos. I was slightly concerned on how short the dress was, but paired with the black tights it worked perfectly for what we were doing!

Day four

With the realisation that time was running out, Leon and I decided to get up super early to head over to the Van Gogh Museum which we had pre-booked tickets for the night before. It was an incredibly inspiring place to visit and we wished we'd had more time there, but unfortunately we needed to head back and pack up for our flight home. 

There were two outfits technically for my last day, but the one in the photograph above shows a skirt from Matalan, paired with a high neck top from Pretty Little Thing. The second outfit was just a pair of jeans and grey top, together with no makeup and my hair scrunched on my head, ready for the flight home. 

Overall I had the best time visiting Amsterdam with my friends and felt every outfit worked perfectly for the Winter weather. I would love to hear what your favourite things about Amsterdam are, or if you are visiting soon what you're looking forward to most?

With love, Alys

*Photos taken by Leon Guest Photography. 


  1. these outfits are beautiful! they look great on you! sounds like you had an amazing trip, i would love to visit amsterdam xx

    mich /

  2. I am off to Amsterdam in January so this was great inspiration :) Kate X

  3. I was always in trousers at school and I live in dresses and skirts now. I love outfit 3, that's exactly my style. I think you chose your outfits well. I love planning what I'm taking when I go away but it can be so stressful sometimes 😂 x


  4. You always look incredible! You've picked amazing outfits for being in the cold! I'd love to visit Amsterdam!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  5. You look fab in these outfits lovely! I was the opposite school, I wore trousers all the time now I love dresses and skirts! xx

    Lucy |

  6. I love the fourth outfit so much and it suits you so much. I really love the jumper in the second day too,you’re so lucky being able to visit Amsterdam in December x

    Kayleigh Zara ����

  7. 'so I can hold back the silent tears as I think about what the next few weeks will bring' I CAN RELATE TO THIS HAHA!

    Amsterdam has never really been up there on my list of places to travel but the more I see of it the more I realise how beautiful it looks - definitely want to go someday!

    In regards to style - I am very much comfort over fashion- I am pretty much always in jeans. I love how you make dresses and skirts look so effortless but put together!

    Looks like you had a lovely time!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  8. All these outfits are gorgeous! I really want to go to Amsterdam - preferably in the colder months - so these are the sort of outfits I'd go for myself :)


  9. I've been after a jumper dress for ages I'll definitely check Tesco now, I'm so glad you shared this! I love all these outfits they're beautiful

    Jess //

  10. That jumper dress looks amazing on you! These outfits really suit you, so gorgeous. It sounds like you had the most amazing trip too, makes me want to visit Amsterdam even more!

  11. I love all your outfit especially the orange sweater and it sounds you had a very fantastic moment with your friends in Amsterdam!



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