Thursday, 13 December 2018

A Christmas gift

As the days near towards Christmas day, so does the pressure of knowing what to buy your loved ones with the never ending worries of whether they will like what you get them, and if they need or even want the idea you have in mind. For me, there's always that worry that I'm spending money on something that will go unused or be forgotten about just days after Christmas. That's why this year, when I was asked what I would like for Christmas I responded with how I would like more 'active' presents for a change.

Now don't get me wrong, there will always be the back and forth discussion of how I would prefer to just spend the day with my family and how it's all about being together and not about the gifts, but this discussion has been a losing battle for years, and I've learnt to just give in now and tell them something a little more helpful to ease any stress shopping can bring.

When the idea of going along to Breakout came about, it felt like the perfect opportunity to share the idea with you all and to see if by trying one of their escape room games with their own story-line, puzzles and surprises, I could help to inspire someone, somewhere, on what to get a loved one this Christmas.

On arriving at Breakout, we were given a brief overview of what to expect when entering the live escape room game, and told how you only have 60 minutes to solve a number of clues and puzzles, to hopefully 'escape' before your time is up.

There are a number of different escape challenges you can choose, including the secret agent room, an abandoned warehouse scenario called 'disturbed', a behind enemy territory to stop a missile strike challenge, and the 'vacancy' room at the Lake Motel. Each room varies on the level of difficulty so you can choose whichever one you feel most comfortable doing.

As my friends and I had never done anything like this before we decided to go for the medium rated room, the 'Cursed Carnival', which goes along the story line of returning a cursed gift before the clock strikes midnight... or all your nightmares will come true!

Throughout the hour we made our way towards 'breakout' by unlocking various rooms using teamwork, looking for clues that were quite literally, right in front of us! - the whole experience was absolutely brilliant and it would be the kind of gift I would love to receive. Whether you are looking for a gift for your parent, friends, family or co-workers, this is something I really believe everyone would have fun doing, and it's most certainly a gift they wouldn't forget.

As many of you will have already guessed from the photograph above, we did indeed breakout, but only with a minuscule time of 1 minute and 26 seconds remaining on the clock!  In all honesty I'm not sure we would have made it out if it wasn't for the generous 'clues' given in times of need throughout the challenges we faced via strategically placed screens.

As a more unique Christmas gift, I hope this is something that will be of interest to all of you.

Breakout is not only in Cardiff, there are also game centres located in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester for those who don't live in the area. I hope by sharing with you a more 'active' gift you will have gained some inspiration on what to get a loved one, or even yourself this Christmas. I would love to hear in the comments below if you have tried something like this!

With love, Alys

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*Breakout Cardiff gifted my ticket. All thoughts are my honest and own opinion on the experience. Photos taken by Leon Guest Photography. 


  1. that sounds like so much fun, I would love to try out an escape room x

  2. Oh my gosh this sounds like so much fun!What an amazing idea for a gift!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. I'm so pleased you think so, I would love to receive this as a gift also!

  3. This sounds like such a unique present and 'experience' gifts are definitely more memorable! I've always wanted to do a breakout challenge and this post definitely encouraged me! Thanks for sharing xx

  4. I've always wanted to try an escape room experience, I might have to now that I know there is one in Cardiff! You're right, it's such a unique Christmas gift for someone! x

    Lucy |

  5. I really want to try an escape room!! I also love the idea of getting/giving more active gifts, i'm in the exact same mindset, i would rather get an experience. (Not that i don't appreciate gifts but its just nice to go out and do something).

    Have a lovely christmas!!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  6. This is such a good gift idea, I love giving experiences at Christmas! This would be an amazing one:)

    Kate |

  7. Buying gifts can be hard! I try to look for the best deals while giving high value. That way, everyone is happy and I still don't break the bank. Oooh, Breakout sounds pretty exciting! Pretty cool that your group made it out on time. Glad you had fun!!

    Nancy ♥

  8. I would love to try an escape room! Such a good gift! xx Naomi

  9. Great post and well done on breaking out! I've been to the Breakout in Liverpool last year and we managed to get out in just over 31 minutes. We were told that we almost broke the record for that room - we were the second fastest to escape from that particular one! It's definitely such a fun experience to share with friends and/or family and a bit of a change from the norm of going out for a meal or drinks etc!

  10. I love gifting experience days and things like that. This is such a good idea. It's different and sounds like so much fun x


  11. What an amazing gift idea! One of my friends had mentioned she wanted to go along to one of these - that's her gift sorted now, thank you :)

  12. This sounds like a great idea! I'd love to do one of these myself I might book one for me and my Fiancé although we'd probably be hopeless at it!

    Jess //


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