Sunday, 9 September 2018

Ask me anything

Originally inspired by Zoella's Instagram story where she was answering questions on her top two favourites and where I midly attempted it myself, I thought this would be a fun little piece to share with you all.

Over the last week I have sat in various locations composing a small Q&A from coffee shops, in bed and out and about with my Kindle. During this time I also discovered many new artists to listen to which I am now a little obsessed with. It seems my once punk rock self is branching out!

Many of these questions have been inspired by a variation of other bloggers posts as see wanted to see what a typical get to know me post includes. The hype of doing this is long gone but who am I to say no to a old trend.

Ask me anything... when I hear this I always think back to the film starring Britt Robertson, which is most definitely not everyones cup of tea. A teenage girl who had a complicated start to life grows up with many underlying issues. She begins an anonymous blog where we see through the film the not always so kind reactions from her followers due to her brutal honesty.

The people in her life and those online struggle to understand her sexual nature and her complicated ways, ending with a scene making you really question everything...

Some who have seen this may think it an odd choice to talk about, although I feel it quite fitting. I want everyone to know who I am and get to know the real me, take it or leave it. I may not have the same past, the same nature or attitude as this character, but no one should be subject to the comments she received online and that consequences that happened to her.

So without further ado, here is a little more about little old me.

1. Full name

Alys Georgina George

2. Zodiac sign


3. 4 things you love

Reading, Autumn, family & friends 

4. Eye colour

A greeny blue colour

5.  Your best friend

My Eccles cake (she's real don't worry...)
6. Last song you listened to
Aislin Evans - Feel About You
7. Favourite quote

Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second
8. How many tattoos/piercings do you have
Piercings: Five
Tattoos: Seven
9. Favourite candle scent 
Yankee Candle - Cranberry Ice 
10. The reason you started blogging
I was always writing mini reviews on my Twitter updates and I remember thinking that it would be so much easier if I made a space for it instead. So along came my blog Dolly George, which gradually transformed into the blog you see today. 
11. Something you really want
The bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival palette!

A weekend in Paris wouldn't make me sad either...
12. Current relationship status
Netflix and chill (my boyfriend can come too if he wants...)
13. Cats or dogs

Cat's, but only because I know Jackson will be plotting something evil on me otherwise. 
14. Top 5 box sets 

Game of Thrones
Peaky Blinders
Our Girl
Orphan Black...
... and one more for good luck, Prison Break

15. Favourite song
The Invisible Man - Queen 

16. Last compliment you received

I was doing the washing up a minute ago and the boyfriend was giving me a hug and he said "ain't she pretty"
17. Favourite bands
Deaf Havana, The Story So Far, Hands Like Houses, Linkin Park, Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox... and the list continues
18. 3 things that make you happy
People who make you feel good about yourself no matter the situation

Days exploring with the boyfriend

My kindle
19. Do you sing in the shower

 No I'm more of a sing in the car while I'm driving kinda gal
20. What you find attractive in other people

Humour, honesty and politeness 
21. Someone you miss
My Grandad
22. Someone you love
My darling girl Katherine Eccles... forever and always (she will cringe so hard at this) but she's literally everything to me
23. Closest blogging friend
I absolutely love Kirsten Jones, she has a heart of gold
@alicemayxo and @Bglasserbaker though <3
24. Someone famous you'd date
Charlie Hunnam...
25. A confession
I'm a hopeless romantic
26. Something that’s constantly on  your mind
The future... I have so many hopes and dreams and I won't give up until I get there
27. 3 annoying habits
Waking up early on my day off at 7am and annoying the boyfriend with my hyperness
Singing in the car
I quite often laugh at my own jokes... because someone has to!

I hope you all enjoyed something a little different today. I would love to read your own versions of these so please feel free to drop any links below.

Happy September everyone, until next time.

Shop the outfit:
Dress: Pretty Little Thing
Jumpsuit: Miss Guided 

*Third and fourth photo taken by Leon Guest Photography. 


  1. Ooh I'm totally down with your favourite bands and have seen Deaf Havana countless times because they're from the same place as I am! I've seen Lower the Atlantis and Mallory Knox a few times too, I rarely come across others who even know who they are haha! This was such a cute, fun to read post!

    Soph - x

    1. No way are Deaf Havana from where you live, I'm so unbelievably right! I rarely come across others who live the same bands as well, I feel like we would have so much in common if we met!

  2. I love posts like this! Always a great, fun way to get to know the blogger. I also have blue/green eyes, love Autumn and reading. Although I AM a dog person but I'll let you off on that one ;)


    1. They're great fun to read aren't they, its so interesting to find out a bit more about the blogger behind the screen!

  3. Loved reading more about you! Such a fun blog post!

  4. Loving your photos! It is always so nice to find out more about fellow bloggers! I am a cat person too! Netflix for tonight as well as the bf is far away ahah!

    1. Thank you, you can never go wrong with a good old macaroon shot!

  5. I love your taste in music! I'm much more of a sing along in the car person too. Also, Orphan Black is incredible. Definitely a dog person though! x


    1. Orphan Black is the best isn't it! It's so addictive!

  6. This is such a good idea for a post, and it was lovely learning more about you! Honesty and humour are sooo important to me too!

    Jas xx |

    1. Thanks Jasmine, I'm glad you enjoyed the get to know me element (:

  7. I love these kinds of posts, I feel like I can get to know someone through them! Autumn is my favourite time of year!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Autumn is the best isn't it, although I feel like this year it just took so long for it to finally arrive!

  8. I love this post, so many fun & interesting answers Alys! Yay for cats! A weekend in Paris would be wonderful. I love that Linkin Park is in your favourites bands, I was only listening to them the other day. Great post and gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Still working on the weekend in Paris! Have you been before? I can't remember much all about it when I visited when in school. X

  9. Love this post! I always love reading and finding more about the blogger behind the blog haha so this was great!

    Thanks for sharing! xx

  10. loved this post! i absolutely LOVE the story so far and hands like houses. can’t wait for the new story so far music to come out! this was such a nice way to get to know you better xx also if you like the story so far, i recommend listening to state champs. they’re my fav pop punk band

    mich //

    1. Ahhh, it's so rare that I find another person who knows who TSSF and Hands Like Houses are, this literally makes me so happy you have no idea!!

  11. Cool post, love the idea! Good to get to know the blogger behind the posts a bit better �� will have to do one of these myself for sure!!

  12. I love to read as well - have you heard of @thehelsproject (on twitter) Blogger Book Club? We read a book for the month and discuss it at the end! We have similar eye colors, mine are blue/green too!

    And yes to laughing at your own jokes! I do this but half the time I’m laughing so hard before actually even saying the joke haha


    1. I do indeed follow @thehelsproject, I will have to start taking part in the monthly books discussions, thanks for much for recommending - I would really enjoy this!

  13. O you are so much joy! This is my first time coming across uou blog and I'm getting great vibes from you, can't wait to read more content 🤗 I heard Peaky Blinders was good, you have me wanting to check it out now 🤔😁.

    Natonya |

    1. Well in that case, welcome to my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      I hope you do check out Peaky Blinders, its incredible (:

  14. Ohhh I love this more personal note! Also, Game of Thrones <3 I definitely think I'm going to do something like this on my blog, of course I'll link to yours for creds :3

    Kimberly |

    1. Game of Thrones, ahh, love it when I meet another fan! Not long now until the final season comes out and its all over for good!


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