Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Things I'm loving right now

To turn a negative into a positive and seeing as this is my first post in a long while, I'm going to write all about what I'm loving right now and talk only about the positives going on right now.

It's important to push aside the negative thoughts and take a few minutes for yourself appreciating the small things you enjoy. So here are 5 things I seem to be completely obsessed with this month:

5 Things I'm obsessed with right now

Finding Carter

The series Finding Carter is based on a girl who was kidnapped at the age of 3 and had absolutely no idea. It wasn't until she was a teenager and she got into some trouble that resulted in the cops arrested her, that she was informed of her troubled past. She is then faced with moving back home to her real family, a twin sister she never knew and coping with the reality that the life she once knew was a lie.

Road trips

Going out and about to explore new locations have become a new fun way for me to spend my weekends and evenings over the past few weeks, with my most recent outing being Barry Island. I've always loved Gavin and Stacey so it was the perfect excuse to go.

Rosie for Autograph

In partnership with Marks and Spencer, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley produced her first makeup range which is unbelievably beautiful, and hitting right on trend for all those who are loving rose gold right now. I've been wearing two of her lipstick shades almost daily over the last few weeks and I can't see this stopping anytime soon.

Baggy tops and skinny jeans

Not that I was ever one for fitted clothing but recently I've found my wardrobe going for a more relaxed look and it seems a perfect fit for my trips to Starbucks and coffee shops on my days off.

Green eyeshadow

Another obsession I recently accumulated in the past week. I'm usually the kind of girl to go for warmer tones but recently I've wanted to mix things up a bit and it seems green is the new beige.

So there it is, five things I love right now although I'm sure next week it will be five completely different things all other again.

I would love to know what you're loving right now so feel free to drop any comments below and share what's keeping that smile on your face.

Until next time.

Shop the outfit:
Top - F and F Clothing 
Skirt - New Look
Tights - Marks and Spencer

Scalf - Marks and Spencer

*Photo taken by Rachel James.


  1. Love this post honest and to he point. Do write more.

    Also welcome to the hedious Starbucks lovers club.

    1. Thank you! Although since writing this post I've not had a single Starbucks. Seems the article that came out has gone and put me off them haha

  2. Finding Carter was seriously so, so, GOOD! I was obsessed with it until they canceled it :( If I can recommend something, I'd totally recommend you watch Twisted (I think its on Netflix?). It got canceled, too, but was super super good. And I hope things get better for you, whatever you're going through. I hope for days filled with nothing but positives to come for you.

    1. Sabrina I never understand it either. Why are all the best shows cancelled it doesn't make any sense!
      I've never come across Twisted but I will definitely have a look into it.

      Thank you, that means so much!


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