Saturday, 1 July 2017

A book a day

There are two things I love most in this world, and that is the combination of drinking tea whilst reading a good book. If you really wanted to make it perfect you would have me in a few of my favourite coffee shops whilst doing both these things.

Although recently, okay, perhaps not so recently I have been buying too many new books and not paying enough attention to those already sat unread on my shelf at home. So even though I would to be getting out and about this month, where the tempation of book shops are, you will find me at home making my way through my rather large pile.

Every evening I will pick up a book, and depending if I'm working, more often than not read the whole thing. So for my selection of books today there will be a mix of full reviews, half read books and ones that I'm planning to read next, so enjoy!

My top reads of July

Behind Closed Doors
written by B A Paris

This is the psychological thriller you need to be reading right now, forget The Girl on the Train.

It doesn't matter what little information I could share with you, spoiler or not, this book needs to be experience with the surprise from start to finish. The story of Jack and Grace is just far too good and has easily become one of my favourites this year.

The Catcher in the Rye
written by J. D Salinger 

Now I have to be honest with you all, this isn't the first time I've read this book. I was a teenager at the time but it hasn't stopped me from getting it back out time and time again.

This classic is about a boy named Holden. He loves and hates the world with so much passion that you can't help but want to know more about him. A powerful book about a boy who has mental health issues, allowing you to see life in a whole new light.

Beautiful Disaster 
written by Jamie McGuire

This is Abby and Travis' story. If you like Tattoo's, bad boys, fighting and gambling then this is for you. I'm a hopeless romantic and this book definitely ticked all those mushy boxes. If you're looking for a new author to read, I would recommend giving Jamie McGuire ago.

written by Alice Sebold

A true story about a girl who was sexual assaulted and her journey to find justice and how her life changed forever. This book took so long to read simply because of how upsetting it was. A real eye opener and one I will never forget.

Paper Towns 
written by John Green

You may be wondering why this is on this particular list as I've made it known that I didn't so much as enjoy the story, it was more the meaning behind it and the quotes used through which captured my attention.

Can I speak to someone in charge? 
written by Emily Clarkson

From one blogger to another, Emily Clarkson is not only a brilliant writer, she is one of the many bloggers I've grown to know and has so supportive about my blogging.

There are many more books I could keep sharing with you but to keep this post short I thought it best to keep them for another occasion.

So without further ado, until next time.

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  1. This has made me want to get into reading so much ! xx

    1. I'm so pleased! Whatever you decide to read I hope you enjoy (:

  2. I grew up reading books all the time! I loved going to the bookstore and choosing the next book =o) Now I switched to a kindle but I always have a new book lined up to read =o) Jodi Picoult is my favorite author and I just bought her latest book and can't wait to start reading!

    1. I used to be like that for a while. I lost patience in going to the shop or ordering in a new book so I would be going through two books a day, just because I could get another one so fast! In the end I went back to paperbacks to save money haha.

      I do love Jodi Picoult she's absolutely brilliant!

  3. After reading this I straight away wrote a reminder in my phone to read Behind Closed Doors. I just checked it out on Goodreads as well and it got pretty high reviews so I'm excited to give that a read!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I'm so pleased. It's a book everyone should read it really does open your eyes to a lot! I hope you enjoy it (:


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